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We empower managers of winery & regional ag businesses by providing financial insights, which frees up time for them to focus ON optimizing their business.


We do this by implementing technology & systems that provide real-time data and reporting, which allows managers to free up their time, and get back into their business and achieve growth.

We believe that every regional business should have the opportunity to access specialist management advice for costing and business insights because we know:

  • farming and rural businesses have many challenges that can’t be controlled, like the weather and Global Markets, and in order to succeed you may need to work out which sections of your agri enterprise are performing best.
  • the wine industry is challenging – competition for shelf space and sales is fierce, WET rules keep changing, long production times require growth capital, and extended payment terms impact cash flows.

We can help you by doing some of the finance work, providing insights, or implementing new systems so you have more time to run the business or take a break!

We work with the owners and managers of small to medium regional enterprises who want more choice about how they spend their time, and more insight into the performance of their businesses.

Our role can include: expert support for your internal bookkeeper, liaison with your tax accountant, WET & GST compliance, costing, & regular business performance reporting.

At optimizeag and optimizewine we love the creative energy in the agricultural and wine sectors and we’re excited to work with you, the owner or manager, in further optimizing your business processes to help your business not only succeed but to thrive.


what we do …

Financial Insight

Provide solutions to pain points and concerns in relation to your financial records.

Management Accounting

Comprehensive management accounting to rural based businesses.

Optimizing Time

Expert support for accounting software, bookkeeping, compliance & business reporting.

Wine Industry

Optimize Wine

Working closely with wineries and other stakeholders in the wine industry.


ABN Record Update

ABN Record Update

The government are setting up a new integrated system for ABNs and the details from the old system will be transferred.

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Raidis Estate

Raidis Estate

Lisa has been amazing at bringing financial clarity to our wine business. We have become a much more successful company since working with Lisa …

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